Terms and Conditions apply to all applicants to Atlanticx: Composition Course Latin America.

Atlanticx reserves the right to make minor amendments to these terms and conditions without prior notice.


Produced and supported by Music of the Americas (NY), Fundación Williams (Argentina) Ensemble 2e2m (France) and Festival Nueva Ópera (Buenos Aires) Atlanticx: Composition Course Latin America is selecting a group of early career composers and advanced students to be a part of our online platform (for classes and mentoring with 2e2m musicians) and to travel to New York (for an intensive period dedicated to their work as well as to interdisciplinary creation).

Further support for Atlanticx’s Composition Course Latin America is provided by the City University of New York (Hunter College).



  1. There are full and partial scholarships opportunities for tuition. Students can be eligible to receive full (100%) or half of the cost (50%).
  2. Students of Argentinean nationality (or residents) can also apply for Fundación Williams Prize, which grants access to 100% financing for tuition but also includes full payments for mobility (including air-travel if necessary), shared accommodation (7 days/6 nights) and per-diem during the Winter School in New York.

Important clarifications:

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